+/- Basket Stats PRO

+/- Basket Stats PRO

+/- Basket Stats is an stats APP of basket sport, directed especially to coaches

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Android 2.3+
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App description

+/- Basket Stats is a statistics capture project of basketball sport, directed especially to coaches, who wants to provide other information apart from the purely individual (points, rebounds, assists, steals ...).

We believe is important the +/- and % utilization of attacks and defenses at the individual level and 5 player team’s selections.

There are players that provide much more than points, rebounds or recoveries and are unappreciated by the fact that it seems that no "add", but instead, have a great impact on the game thanks to other features or synergies within the team.

This application allows:

• The capture of +/- of all players participating in the game, the playing time they have played and the breakdown of +/- in scoring and received by the team during the time that the player was on track points.
• The capture of +/- players selections who have participated in the game, the number of times they have been together on court during the game and for how long.
• In addition, all this information in tables and graphs that facilitate their understanding and allow us to have a clear picture of how it goes and how it has developed the match.

The goal is to provide tools to coaches to help them make decisions both during the game and in the postgame.

The PRO version allows export data in EXCEL format ready to save and handle.

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