Calendar 2019

Calendar 2019

Calendar 2019 - Information like Holidays, Festivals and many more...

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Android 4.0+
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App description

Calendar 2019 App is easy to use.

Calendar 2019 with Information like Holidays, Festivals and many more...

Calendar 2019 Features:

- Its include all holiday, festival and many more information
- Very simple to use calendar displaying red days as holidays and festivals
- Tap on any month on first screen then its show that month calendar
- Swipe left and right to show previous and next month
- Tap on month to zoom-in and zoom-out month
- Easy to read all notes of Hindu calendar 2019
- Month wise show all holidays of Hindi calendar 2019
- Read festival related information
- Detailed Indian calendar

Holidays included:

Government Holidays
Sikh Festivals
Christian Holidays
Islamic Holidays
Good to Know
Hindu Festivals & Others

Changelog / What's New

Major Update
Updated Calendar 2019 with holidays
List all holidays and festivals in separate screen by month

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