Puzzle World - Escape Block

Puzzle World - Escape Block

14 Classic puzzle games in 1! Only 0.1% can solve all of them!

Game info

Android 4.0.3+
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Game description

14 Classic puzzle games in 1! Download for free now and play ‘em all!

Challenge your brain and have fun! They might seem easy at the start, but they get quite challenging! Only the top 0.1% smartest people can solve them all!

* Push the Box: Control your character and push the boxes to the target area.

* One Line: Connect all the points with only one swipe.

* Escape: Move the red fish to the exit.

* Sudoku: Classic math game for you to challenge, from starter to expert.

* Color the Blocks: Color all the blocks with limited paint.

* Clear the Boxes: Boxes will clear when 3 of the same color boxes meet. Clear all boxes with limited moves.

* Assimilation: Draw a line to change the color of the circles. Turn all the circles to the same color.

* Laser Block: Move the blocks to reflect the laser beam and hit the target.

* Dot Connect: Connect two colored dots when traveling through all the blocks.

* Number Bridge: Connect each dot a certain number of times. Only horizontal and vertical lines allowed.

* Rope Art: Move the rope until it’s the same shape as the target.

* Pipe Lines: Connect the pipes so that the ball can roll to the target.

* Water Drop: Collect water drops until the water bubble pops.

* Color Line: Start from the colored block, draw a line through all the blocks.

What's New

1. Fixed some bugs.