New Calendar

New Calendar

Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily calendar functions. It includes 10+ widgets.

App details

Android 4.0.3+
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4.5 (89.4%) 30,232 votes

App description

This app include most common calendar functions, and let users manage their schedules easily.

It can be use with Google Calendar. It support daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar functions. It support public holiday for +30 regions. Voice reminders (TTS) notify you the event with voice. You can also search the calendar.

Lunar phase, sunrise and sunset time are supported. Over 10 widgets are available, including agenda and calendars, clock, world cities time, and sticky note with voice recording feature, counter, Todo list, etc.


Changelog / What's New

* holiday update (Japan, Hong Kong)
* full-screen bug fix
* Fix sunrise / sunset bug
* Add show store button option
* Update Japanese era name (Reiwa)
* 2019 Holiday update
* Runtime permission request
* 2019 holiday update
* Month view day box: able to change day digit position
* Month view: show week number
* Android 5+: allow to select date picker / timer picker style
* GDPR update

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