MY MechatroCHUNK

MY MechatroCHUNK

"MY MechatroCHUNK" is an app to design your own MechatroCHUNK.

App details

Android 2.3+
Get MY MechatroCHUNK for Free on Google Play

App description

■Take photos with your customized MechatroCHUNK!
■Make MechatroCHUNK do many different poses.
■More than 50 editable parts!
■The material based system lets you edit multiple parts at the same time.
■There are 28 different textures to choose from, such as metal or plastic.
■Easy color editing with sliders.

System Requirements
OS: Android 5 or more.
Memory: RAM 2GB or more.

※The app is not guaranteed to work on the devices below:
- Tablet devices.
- Devices with Intel CPU.

※The app may not work on some devices that fulfills the system requirements.

2018 STUDIO TRIGGER Inc. All Rights Reserved

©MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi

Changelog / What's New

Version 1.2.1
・Added 5 new poses!
・Fixed bugs.
Thank you.

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