Live Screen for Facebook

Live Screen for Facebook

Broadcast your screen to your Facebook friends without freezing.

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Android 5.1+
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App description

Have you ever wanted to share your game play or screen presentation with your Facebook friends?

This app allows you to do exactly that, quickly and easily, in a matter of seconds. Just login with your Facebook account, choose your audience (friends or public), and you are ready to go. Everything on your screen will be presented to your friends as a live streaming video, right away.

Additionally, you will enjoy our advanced technology for adaptive bitrate, which resolves the worst problem in live broadcasting. It eliminates the choppy streaming by minimizing the dropped frames, while getting the best possible video quality in ever changing internet congestion. This is achieved by automatic bandwidth detection and adjusting the bitrate according to the current network conditions.

Happy screen sharing 😆

Changelog / What's New

Added premium features.

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