How to Download and Install the Google Play Store

Android supported smartphones are the most commonly used smartphones as they come at lower and attractive prices. The devices from the smartphone tycoons like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and LG have the Play store preinstalled in them, whereas there are some devices which are not so popular individually the smaller companies do not come with app store preinstalled. Thus, you will have a small substitute store which does not include the famous names such as Twitter , Facebook Lite , WhatsApp , Gmail , Instagram , etc. which you are addicted to.

Do not worry as there is an option!! It is quite easy to install the Google app store manually from any Android supported device. The method illustrated below can be utilized by users as well for upgradation of the Play store app. In other terms, if you have Google Play Store already installed on the phone, you upgrade it to its latest version with the help of the steps below.

Are you aware of the fact that the Play store gets regular updates!! This is indeed great!! However, something which is not so good to know is that the upgradation may take more than a week or for in some cases to have the latest edition in your phone. Stocking to the older version, however, will not make much difference in the original functionality. If you wish you can stick to the older version. Nevertheless, there is always an urge to have the advanced and the latest version of the app on your phone which is considerable. The play store has made the life of tech-savvy people simpler by providing disparate applications available a touch away.

Check the current version installed on your phone

before to any other steps confirm first that whether or not you are downloading the latest version of the Play Store. These are summed up in the below levels:

• Open your Play Store application
• Click on the settings icon
• Extreme below you will find the “build number” which is your updated version.

For the time being the upgraded version of the app store is last version . You should remember that `before going for the upgraded version you must verify that your Android is at all be well-suited with the updated version or not. The Android versions are not much of a problem unless and until it is as old as the Android version like Gingerbread. If your phone has one such version either replace it or stay happy with the release of the store app you have.

Google Play Store downloads through an APK

These steps can be considered a quite easy to follow steps. Like all the usual Android application the Play Store also comprises APK format. These are some of the following tips:

• It is recommended to Download Play Store APK from any trustworthy sources such as tech, Android blogs, trusted social media, etc. the source is unknown or not that imagined it might interfere with APK. It is quite natural that everyone prefers the APK used by Google and the reliable websites will be able to upload that copy which has not tampered.
• Just download the app store on your device. Just make sure that you have transferred the APK to some mechanism for future reference. Enable unidentified basis in settings The “Unknown Sources” setting has been a part of Android for years. If disabled, it stops not only users but also users from applications installations from any location including the Play store. It can be observed as a security measure which can be in place by default. You need to enable settings for the installation of APK.
• Go into the device settings.
• Click the “Security”.
• Find “Unknown Sources” choice and verify the box. A caution will spring up which should be certainly read. Once finish reading, tap “OK,” and thus it will allow you to fit APKs from various other resources.

If you cannot find the “Security Settings” try to see it in the Application Settings or Privacy Settings.

Make use of the file manager in order to install the Play Store

Now that all is set here is no other better time to install the store. Make use of your most preferred file browser. If you do not have anyone browser, it is recommended to use any famous file explorer.

• Open the file browser and find the way to the place where you have already downloaded the Store APK. If you have already downloaded it in the phone then it must be on the “Downloads folder” of SD card.
• As soon as you find the APK just tap on it. A box may pop up. This popping up is totally depended on the apps which you have download it in the device. It will give you an option of using apps. In such case click “Package installer”.
• On the subsequent screen, go through any “permission changes” (if stated) and then tap on install. After the procedure is complete the Play store will be installed in your device.

Disabling of Unknown Sources

Keeping the Unknown Sources menu as it can be a significant security flaw which can cause problems shortly. To stay protected it is recommended to disable or turn of the Unknown Sources.
• Return to your settings on your phone.
• In case you do not have Security settings on your phone then opt for Application Settings or Privacy Settings.
• Check out the box. It will stop you to install any apps except the Play Store. You can re-check it afterward if you want it.

Now as you have known how to install or upgrade the Google Play Store, you must give it a try. The above-stated steps are suitable for any Android device, but there may be some differences depending on the Android version and OEM. These steps are not meant for Amazon devices like Kindle. The levels are only for the latest version of the Android.