Insights on the App Store Framework

Mobile software industries are now recognized to be giants in the market. Technology is never saturated it advances with time. The more you think this is it, everything changes in next moment. The rapid change has provided a tremendous platform for the people who want to develop software innovatively. We collectively grouped them under the name applications, frequently termed as apps.

Nowadays, some necessary applications have come under the roof of utilities. The utilities are already installed in the new handset. Rest of the required application's choice depends on one’s interests and background. Play store is an area which is the storage house for all the applications. There are varieties of applications that come under it. Paid apps, free apps and paid apps for free are three basic categories.

Feasible categorization is done as per the field of the application. Like:

• Art & Design
• Books & Reference
• Comics
• Communication
• Education
• Entertainment
• Games
• Lifestyle
• News & Magazines
• Social
• Travel & Local

These are just a few from the list, and the list goes long. A user can peek into his favorite category and install the software. Browsing the play store is easy. The store has provided a mark called editor’s choice. It ensures the quality of the app by verifying the developer who has uploaded. This also means it will fulfill your expectation best as compared to others. The store has unique applications that have provision for utilities too. In case you lose any efficiency mistakenly, you can recover it back from the store.


1. Easy install and uninstall: Within minutes you can download the application and unload it in case you don’t enjoy it.
2. Applications for everyone: When they say it is vast, it is. Every desired demand by children, students, businessman, and anyone is inside this magic cap.
3. Desktop applications: If you are not mobile oriented and work throughout through your computer, you can employ things there too.
4. Updates: Frequent and regular updates to enhance user experience. The applications bring a lot more for you to explore

The search dialogue box takes you directly to the download page. It has reviews by the users who have used it and shared the experience. You can skim the content and analyze the star grading. There is ‘similar apps’ menu that shows you variety of apps doing similar operations. Through that tray of apps, you can make a better choice. At last, you can write a review and grade star as per your adventure.

Paid applications provide more unique elements than free apps. You can enjoy reading books, learning educational lessons, reading the entire newspaper and lot of things at minimum cost. Assistance for weight loss, movies and books are the most utilized paid apps. It gets overlooked because of less variety but positively has assured quality. Sometimes there are huge discounts on paid apps, grab that opportunity if your favorite app is in that sac.